Lakman is a renowned producer of cardboard packaging and POS merchandising systems. With more than twenty years of experience on the market, we are able to create state-of-the-art products to fulfill the expectations of the most demanding Clients. During these years we have developed production methods to offer customized solutions for the commissioned tasks and support large and complicated promotional campaigns. Our offer includes cardboard, carton and laminated paper packaging, carton displays, stands and racks, as well as advertising wrappers. We cooperate with distinguished visual artists and marketing specialists in order to meet market requirements and create visually attractive and functional products, perfectly suited for the purpose they serve.

Lakman is an established company, but still developing dynamically, hence we can offer comprehensive services, supporting our Clients during the entire process – from creative design of merchandising and packaging systems to their production using modern techniques and distribution. We have proved to be a trustworthy partner, satisfying the needs of our Clients and providing services in a reliable manner.

Projektowanie  i opracowanie technologii

Technology department

Our technology department comprises of experienced specialists cooperating with visual artists in order to provide uniqe solutions using different materials and printing techniques, enhancing the attractiveness of the final product.

Following individual wishes of our Clients, we can prepare a real-size cardboard sample of the final product.

Our own DTP studio performs all the tasks necessary to transform a Client’s file or design into the final assembly for printing.


We have a skilled team of workers responsible for manual sorting, packaging and labeling. Products in unit or batch packaging are sent worldwide, to the addresses provided by the Client.

Konfekcjonowanie produktów


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